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  1. Tire Management Services
  2. Looking for Truck Drivers to Participate in Emergency Truck Parking Interviews
  3. Should trucks go green?
  4. Trucker health app
  5. Epidemiologists seeking truck drivers
  6. Lift Axles in Ready Mix Trucks Help with University research - Survey
  7. Help with short questionnaire for truckers for my research
  8. iPhone App Idea
  9. Not "Spam" just a recruiter trying to get answers
  10. DOT physical
  11. Looking for Trucker Feedback on Driving Behavior Study
  12. Testing HOS app prototype - need your help!
  13. In need of some beta testers for a new ProDriver GPS Navigation Device
  14. Give feedback on routing software ($25 gift card)
  15. If you were to....
  16. Rollover
  17. What load boards do you use?
  18. What brokerages do you use?
  19. What you think women is also a good truck driver?
  20. Eagle Driving School Review
  21. Freight brokers
  22. Would you ever place an ad on your truck?
  23. Do you have a cooler or refrigerator your truck?
  24. Question from a "Non CDL' driver
  25. Very quick survey - 6 questions
  26. Driver Health Study
  27. Survey for my graduation research
  28. CH Robinson The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?
  29. Dashcams
  30. EOBR and Video survey
  31. For all drivers!
  32. Williston ND restaurants for truckers
  33. Survey for College graduation Project: Designing a truck
  34. Do I really want to ask this ....
  35. CRST Good company or not?
  36. Pickle Juice
  37. Celebrity crushes
  38. Bigfoot, real or fake?
  39. Prime Mover to Tralier Connections
  40. Good idea or bad?
  41. An icky question / Poll
  42. Caterpillar C13
  43. Cigar afficionados, where do you get your stogies on the road?
  44. What states do you like going to the most?
  45. Worst customer you have ever picked up/dropped off at?
  46. retractable or lifting mud flaps
  47. Jessica, Michele or Danny?
  48. Salsa Product Name
  49. To GPS or not to GPS....
  50. Impeach Oboma
  51. Are rest areas and highways meeting your needs?
  52. Truck Driver Training/Education Survey! Be heard!
  53. To Wash or Not to Wash...
  54. How many have CAD decals on their trucks?
  55. Spiked Watermelon
  56. Obama care
  57. How well do you believe the Bible?
  58. Headlight Question
  59. Which bank do you use?
  60. What screen resolution is your monitor?
  61. Panhandling, beggers
  62. Do you wear a wedding ring??
  63. truck stops
  64. Will I ever drive again
  65. @\%]*{!$# Slow Trucks!
  66. Poster Reputations
  67. Been in a wreck?
  68. political ads
  69. How you like your eggs?
  70. CAD Election
  71. flame warriors
  72. How Tall Are You?
  73. glassbooth
  74. Playboy
  75. Dark Night (and I don't mean Twilight Flyer)
  76. Of the 3 who has the best coffee
  77. How would you like....?
  78. inter-star and tire repairs
  79. How will Barack Obama win the Presidential '08 Election?
  80. logging legal
  81. Home Internet Phone..
  82. Entitlements: a Looming Crisis
  83. Deer meat
  84. Searching for Haunted Highway stories!
  85. Fuel Prices/Career Change?
  86. A quick question... Yes, No, Maybe or anything you want.
  87. Who Here Likes the NEW CAD look????
  88. ? a christian company ?
  89. Do you have tattoos?
  90. What is your political affiliation?
  91. Play the Cards you are dealt
  92. what office software do you use?
  93. What do you pull behind you (most often)
  94. Smoker or Not
  95. Candy ....What's your pleasure?????
  96. Truckers and Depression
  97. Real ID Bill
  98. working for schneider
  99. biggest complaint about 4-wheelers
  100. Englanabad...Americanastan
  101. How you Spend your Holidays
  102. Other jobs.
  103. Coffee lovers
  104. Favorite type of music
  105. Truck of choice?
  106. Do you drive with your headlights on or off all of the time?
  107. Hat at the dinner table
  108. 8" exhaust verses 10" exhaust
  109. How long will Mexicans take to rule truck market
  110. smoke detector in there truck?
  111. New to this site and looking for long lost trucker.
  112. hello
  113. Should the US Gov't Give Mary McCarthy her money?
  114. Canada load
  115. Pop vs. Soda
  116. I'm not getting a passport to cross CAN/US border !!!
  117. Who is going to be next President?
  118. Surveys
  119. What kind of radio do you have in your truck?
  120. A poll question?
  121. Self-contained Tarp System
  124. Large car?
  125. Something Shady.....
  127. Should Golfhobo and RedRaven meet?
  129. MARRIAGE?
  130. Are Scoe and Roadhog Brothers?
  131. Are you a member of OOIDA?
  132. Should RedRaven and Roadhog meet?
  133. How long befor Madpuppy goes nutty.
  135. Fun with photoshop Rev?
  136. How many people use the poll forum to advance out of rookie
  137. best looking 1 ton P/U
  138. Whats your favorite Jimmy character
  139. Howie or O&A
  140. im complaining
  141. Team driving w/ spouse
  143. Miss
  144. Davis Diesel
  145. Long OTR trips
  146. AIM
  147. Potty mouths
  148. Who is Lewis Friend??
  149. Guilty Pleasure
  150. What kind of truck do you drive?
  152. let's unite ....comment by Donald Trump...
  153. Trip to see OTR husband, or pay bills
  154. help a college kid
  155. student survey
  156. CAD member/poster of the year?
  157. Where you put your wallet?
  158. Survey about belongings you bring on board
  159. PIZZA
  160. Are you a "waver" and a "flasher"?
  161. Movies
  162. Volvo VHD vs KW T800
  163. "CB Voice"
  164. Side jobs?
  165. How many drivers are faithful to their partners?
  166. Favorite Truck Driving Songs
  167. New Kenworths
  168. Auto or Manual?
  169. What motorcycle do you own?
  170. I Predict...
  171. T-shirts bumper stickers and other sayings..
  172. Did it get out of hand!!!!!!!
  173. Make law enforcement and politicians take Random drug test
  174. Where are you, currently?
  175. which is bigger?
  176. Where do you buy your shoes? - One More Student Question
  177. Toughest city to get around in?
  178. Local or OTR..... Who's driving skills are better?
  179. Nascar Scene
  180. U.S. Ports
  181. Should we ban Islam from being practiced here in the U.S.???
  182. Best Avatar of February
  183. Scoe's Avatar
  184. Which kind of Tractor should I buy?
  185. Should Anyone be fired for commiting adultery?
  186. Should we do an end times prophecy thread? Warning Religious
  187. Hate it or Love it.
  188. Am I posting too much????
  189. Fact or Speculation
  190. Gay Marriage
  191. Does "HANOI JANE" deserve "Woman of the Century"?
  192. Israel?
  193. What do you think about me?
  194. On The Road vs Local Route
  195. Pets in the truck?... Any Cats?
  196. CAD Espanol Poll
  197. Owner Operator Poll
  198. Any musclecar fans in here?
  199. COOLERS and Power inverters
  200. Cummins or Volvo
  201. How are you spending this 4th of July?
  202. What do you want in a sleeper cab? [link to survey]
  203. Lets call it ,Logging magic
  205. Who has Sirius and who has XM ?
  206. Smoking Survey
  208. Michael jackson's face as a sig pic
  209. Which satelite radio do you use?
  210. Lot Lizard Use Survey
  211. Do You Use Synthetic Oil In Your Big Rig?
  212. Do you like apple pie?
  213. OOIDA - Are you a member? I'm thinking about joining
  214. How do you pay for your fuel ?
  215. Remote Computer Support
  216. Fast
  217. Should the military be put on the US borders?
  218. Do you believe in God?
  219. Does the MVA have too much power and authority?
  220. Do you still use paper logs?
  221. Whats the speed of your internet connection?
  222. Do the feds "over" regulate our industry?
  223. Mac or PC?
  224. Poll: College Students ask how long you spend "off-the-clock
  225. Ebook
  226. How do you set up a poll properly?
  227. Martha Stewart - Not such a good thing?
  228. Palestinian Homeland?
  229. Scott Peterson - is he guilty?
  231. September 11th boycott, spread the word!
  232. Best Class 8 truck
  233. Gourmet Candy Gifts
  234. Why I HATE C.R. England!!!!
  235. Better wage vs. Better miles
  236. Tranny
  237. Bush or Kerry
  238. Should all drivers be teamsters?
  239. Where would you like to see a truckstop at.........
  240. Please tell me about your admin hassles
  241. Worst trucking firm
  242. Decision Time!!!
  243. How Long Will it Last ?
  244. applicants
  245. what state has the worst roads?
  246. Safety Aware - Who is more safety conscious
  247. if you got out of trucking...
  248. IRS DEAL...
  249. Shirts and Hats - CAD Merchandise
  250. Reefer v.s. Flatbed - future