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Default Tech, wifi and hotspot questions

Hello. I have a T- mobile phone with wifi Hotspot.I use my hotspot to get on my laptop.I am in a contract with T mobile.I plan on leaving them once my contract is over.At times, I am in areas that I cannot surf on my phone or the laptop.Are there any wifi apps I can download to use as a back up?.I know most companies will charge and thats fine , as long as the fee is reasonable.If you guys remember, back in the days , the service providers will help you create either a dialoup or network access icon and you can either VPN or access their internet servers to get on the net..I am wondering if there is such an app for wifi without having to buy any device.
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Old 06-12-2019, 10:54 AM
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I need to disappoint you my friend . There are no any kind of app which make wifi. We need to buy a router and if you want to use VPN I would advise to use some proxy . There are more convenient and easy to config for your needs. They are free and the best and faster proxies you can get from here avoidcensorship .This Proxy helped me to optimize my network connection . The internet has started to work even faster and my browser load the sites quicker.
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A proxy allows you to parse a website much more reliably, significantly reducing the likelihood that your robot will be blocked. You can buy 1, 1000, 3000 and more IPs navigate to this website. I use german ones. Using a proxy, you can send requests from a specific geographic region or device (for example, from mobile IP addresses), which allows you to view the specific content displayed on the website for a given location or device. This is of great importance when collecting data on products in online stores.
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