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Red face Help with better eating for SF Bay Area Drivers?

Hello folks,

I'm Yishan - from Mise, a food startup in SF Bay Area. A good friend of mine recommended that I reach out to this forum (he said you guys gave him great advice when starting up his career). We deliver dishes from local, professional chefs to people's doors, and customers reheat and enjoy on their own schedule via microwave or oven.

I drive long distance a lot and see many truck drivers. It seems like fast food, artificial freezer meals, and restaurant takeout are the primary options. And in the interest of better health - there's gotta be a better solution to wholesome, fresh, good-tasting food on-the-go aside from oatmeal packets and processed Lean Cuisine.

We'd deliver it to your door, you can grab a few dishes for the road to prepare/before embarking on the road trip, you can store them in a cooler/fridge, reheat them in a microwave, and enjoy when you guys are hungry and on a break. Since I know truckers work all kinds of crazy schedules, would this service be of any help when it comes to meal preparation and eating better on the road?
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