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Default Driver shortage, small fleet survivability will vex all carriers in 2011

Driver shortage, small fleet survivability will vex all carriers in 2011

By David Cullen, executive editor

While large carriers are likely to find 2011 a challenging yet lucrative year, they should keep an eye out for their smaller brethren. That’s because an influential survey indicates that small fleets [under $25 million revenue] -- which provide a large chunk of capacity— are “vulnerable to a sluggish economy and increased fuel prices” unless they get rate relief “quickly and broadly.” In addition, the same study shows carriers of all sizes are very concerned about securing enough drivers and owner-operators.
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Since this posting is from almost two years ago, has anyone seen data/info on how things really went?

I went to the linked story and there is a 6/2012 reply, but it doesn’t address the survivability of firms.

In my searching over the last 6 months I see many people say they are giving up, but no stats on the industry. I also see the high turn-over rates but from the pay scales I see for new drivers it’s no surprise.
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