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Old 10-16-2018, 04:33 PM
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Default We need to radically reform truck driver detention

We wrote an article about it, but what are your ideas?
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Never going to happen. With more pay comes more rules. Drivers gave up on rules to make more money per mile.. chumps
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Old 10-28-2018, 03:43 PM
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MY perspective,

Arriving to a shipper/receiver either Early, On Time or Late with the supposedly correct information has long been the main problem.
Dealing with BROKErs, many of which FAIL to provide ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION (like the mysterious ADDITIONAL pick up number), there is no way to adequately or at all allow for Detention Pay, therein WE the Drivers suffer with seemingly no recourse.

The other side of the coin is from these "Just In Time" arrivals to equal the saying "Early is ON TIME while On Time is LATE" and Late is punishable (regardless of reason).
However being "On Time" doesn't equal direct service and many BROKErs see that as another way to penalize Carriers as if BROKErs do not already have enough "tools" in their arsenals as per their seemingly restrictive load agreement policies.

Other Countries have apparently somewhat altered their problems yet there remain those companies that will treat any company as hostile and provide minimal service or, as we well know, hold the trailers (or Combo) hostage for the minimum 2-4+ hours BEFORE possibly allowing "Detention Pay" yet usually start loading/unloading just before the required "waiting time" has passed (wal mart, H.E.B., DolGen, as well many known Reefer warehouses) thereby "getting around" the detention pay aspect.

There's really very little any Driver and Transport Company can do to alleviate said problem as once the trailer is locked to the dock, it's then out of our, Drivers, hands.

How LONG have you been detained at a shipper/receiver?
  1. 2 hours
  2. 4 hours
  3. 6 hours
  4. 12 hours
  5. 24+ hours
have been told to drop the trailer and come back
  • Later _,
  • Tomorrow_
  • We'll call you_.

Who was the quickest?

Who was the worst?
- - -
For me, the quickest was 1/2 hour (it took longer to open the doors/dock/undock/close doors than load time.

The worst was sitting at a company in northern Maryland for about 25 hours and the trucking company offered me a measly $50.00 (standard layover pay).

What's A solution (if at all)?
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