The $1,314.15 Scholarship Award

2018 CAD Scholarship Award

The $1,314.15 Scholarship for ANY Student

We at Internet Brands are on a mission to help ANY students reach their maximum potential. Using the site, we help truck drivers learn the industry and find the right jobs for them. But we’ve found that many people have no idea how dynamic and evolving the industry really is, which is why we’d like students to learn about this often-times forgotten industry while we help them achieve their scholarly ambitions. supports existing drivers and promotes educational opportunities for students. For this reason, we’re pleased to announce the CAD Scholarship Award. We know that affording education can be difficult which is why we set up our program to help aid the cost of attending.

Tesla semi truck
Tesla’s new semi truck is a sign of the times

In many aspects, the trucking industry is the first to face many new technological developments. Tesla recently unveiled its new, completely electric semi truck, complete with a new street guidance system and a completely redesigned interior. Even now, industry experts are starting to estimate when autonomous trucks will hit the road, if ever. The logistics industry represents much of the infrastructure of the United States, making it a primary focus for businesses, government agencies, and trucking companies alike

All this being said, there’s more than meets the eye with this topic. Not only are new developments being made in technology, but this implication affects the future of hundreds of thousands of jobs, the questions of education in the workforce, and the ability of the industry to adapt to new scenarios that truckers would never have imagined 10 years ago. We’re just trying to bring that conversation to the public eye. 


This is open to ALL students. is offering this scholarship to students who are currently studying at or have been accepted to an accredited University.

The Scholarship is also open to students who are currently studying at or have been accepted to an accredited Trucking School or Trade School or Vocational School.

Selection & Notification Process:

An internal committee will decide the top 5 submissions, and the community of truck drivers on will vote on the best written essay and assign the Award by June 15th, 2018.

Selection Criteria:

Please read carefully the title and subtitle of the Scholarship. We are looking for the answers to the questions below.

How to Apply:

Write an essay of 1,000+ words on the topic of:

“Tech and Truckers: How Can Truck Drivers Take Advantage of Future Leaps in Technology?”

Please answer the following:

  • What scenarios do you see for truck drivers to remain a valuable and successful resource in the workforce of 2023 (5 years from today)?
  • How should drivers prepare and what skills they would need to hone to get ready for the future challenges?”

You must publish the post online publicly. This can be a student blog on your university website, your own website, or a blog platform like,, or the like.

Include at least three links in your article citing authoritative sources on trucking, technology, or education, including one link to

Fill out the form below to complete your application. We have also put together 10 articles that will help you get started.

Deadline to Apply:

The deadline will be May 30th, 2018.


We base our grading on a specific set of rules, which can be found in the Official Rules guide. The grading will be performed as follows:

  • 30% based on the clear definition of what the most likely truck driving job/career scenario(s) will look like in 2023 and why.
    (qualitative/quantitative assessment)
  • 10% based on a clear definition of the skill or list of skills (if any) that the truck drivers currently possess that will make them successful
    under the scenario(s) most likely to happen and why.
  • 20% based on a clear definition of the skill or list of skills the truck drivers need to hone to be more successful and why.
  • 40% based on the description of how the truck driver can train or prepare in the next few months/years to develop the skills necessary to
    stay relevant and be more successful in the job market of 2023 and why


  • $1,314.15 USD

Resources to get you started:

  1. Access to the new “Become a Truck Driver” section on Class A Drivers
  2. Access to the Forums on Class A Drivers
  3. Articles
    1. Autonomous Driving
      1. How a Driverless Car Sees the Road
      2. Why Did Tesla’s Autopilot Fail
      3. Self-Driving Delivery Systems
      4. The First Steps of Autonomous Logistics
    2. The Future of Jobs
      1. Inequality of Future Jobs
      2. The Fate of Trucking Jobs
      3. The Fallout of Trucking Labor
      4. Teamsters Try to Push Back
    3. Scenario Planning
      1. The 5 Schools of Thought
      2. How Will the Future Look
      3. Digitizing Trade Industries
      4. The Implications of Tesla’s Developments


For any questions on the process, please email [email protected]

Scholarship Submission Form

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to U.S. residents over the age of 18, void where prohibited. See Official Rules for full eligibility restrictions. Additional terms and conditions apply, see Official Rules for details. Official Rules   Privacy Policy

About us

The ClassADrivers Team
The CAD team, including Nick (second from left)

Internet Brands integrates web solutions for businesses with media websites for consumers in key vertical markets. We use established, award-winning web solutions to solve issues in various industries, including the trucking industry. Ultimately, Internet Brands is a world leader in web products and is no exception. 

Nick Marconato has been working on ClassADrivers since the beginning, using his experience with media platforms to make sure truck drivers receive quality and accurate information about the industry. He’ll be one of the judges that will be evaluating and selecting the final five essays for the Scholarship Award. 




About ClassADrivers has existed from day one to help drivers. We are committed to helping the industry solve this issue and helping new truck drivers enter the industry, as well as making life easier for the existing truck drivers.

Not only does CAD stands for, but it is the acronym of our main principles:

  • C for Clarify – We will define and clarify the main challenges and opportunities.
  • A for Assist  – We will assist the wannabe truck drivers, as well as the existing truck drivers.
  • D for Deliver – We will deliver solutions to the trucking industry.

Class A Drivers is the site for truck driving careers.

Our scholarship is dedicated to those same principles. We want potential truck drivers that can’t pay for their schooling to get the opportunity to start their lives on the road. Because trucking isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle.


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