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Texas Roads Converted Back to Gravel

The heavy traffic from the Texas oil boom has done damage to many farm-to-market roads in South and East Texas. The state department lacks the funds to repair the roads because damage has be ... Read More »

National Truck Driving Champion Named

The 76th annual American Trucking Association National Truck Driving Championship and National Step Van Driving Championships were held in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 20-24. Gary Harms, a W ... Read More »

Would a Hub and Spoke System Help the Trucking Business?

One Oregon State University professor thinks so. Hector Vergara, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State, believes the “point-to-point” sy ... Read More »

Business Boost Expected with Superhighway

The Mexican Federal Highway 40 is almost complete. Almost a decade in the making, the project is less than a year from opening. The superhighway will connect the Gulf Coast in Matamoros to t ... Read More »

Freight Tonnage Drops in July

For the first time since April, the amount of moved freight dropped 0.4% in July. Moved freight had climbed 0.4% higher in June. The American Trucking Association (ATA) says the decrease is ... Read More »

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