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Trucking Trends for the Coming Year

GE Capital analysts compiled a list of predicted industry trends for 2015, including projected outlooks for Freight, Equipment, and Rates and Capacity. Carriers benefited from an ideal suppl ... Read More »

Million Mile Safe Driving and 10 Year Service Award Recipients Announced

National Carriers, Inc. has awarded Alfredo Chavez with a One Million Mile Safe Driving award. Chavez received an embossed plaque, embroidered hat and a personalized embroidered winter jacke ... Read More »


     Stephen Vermillion was named the National Carriers, Inc. Driver of the Month for January 2015. Vermillion began his NCI driving career in May of 2011 and resides in Tucso ... Read More »

National Carriers Announces Million Mile Safe Driving Awards

     National Carriers, Inc. has recently awarded Johnny Malone a Three Million Mile Safe Driving award. CJ Strydom and Rubner Sabolvarro have each been recognized with a ... Read More »

Can the Trucking Industry Fill Current Economic Demand?

A steady increase of jobs has swayed the trucking industry close to pre-recession employment levels. Due to industry conditions, however, the driver shortage persists. U.S. trucking companie ... Read More »

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