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Working with Mawson and Mawson

We've asked some of our drivers what they liked most about working for Mawson and Mawson. Here's what they had to say...Real Lefort: "I've been here for over 5 years. There's a family atmosp ... Read More »

Trucking Revenue Tops $700 Billion: How Will Drivers Benefit?

The revenue for U.S. trucking companies reached a record-breaking $700 billion last year. That’s right. Billion. With a “B”. The American Trucking Association (ATA) release ... Read More »

Mawson and Mawson Remembers Our Heroes

Honor and Remember.Though many people are quick to refer to Memorial Day as the unofficial beginning of summer, the day is much more than that. Initially known as Decoration Day, Memorial Da ... Read More »

Navajo Express Begins Guaranteed Pay Program for Drivers

DENVER, Colorado – Navajo Express has announced plans to roll out a new driver pay program for new and existing drivers. Starting June 1st, all new drivers with less than five years of ... Read More »

Mawson and Mawson Keeps Going...and Going...

Would you like to join a trucking company that's survived two World War's and a Great Depression? In business for over 120 years, Mawson and Mawson, Inc. is the oldest Class 1 carrier i ... Read More »

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