Barr-Nunn Announces OTR Pay Raise

By: Barr-Nunn Transportation

Barr-Nunn Announces OTR Pay Raise

Granger, IA (June 9, 2010) — Barr-Nunn Transportation, a transportation industry leader, is proud to announce an increase in starting pay and current pay for all its Over the Road Company Drivers. This pay raise moves starting pay to $0.40 per mile paid on Practical Miles and moves a large portion of solo drivers to a new pay rate of $0.45 per Practical Mile and $0.47 per Practical Mile for Team Drivers.  This raise is effective with all miles paid after July 4, 2010.

“We appreciate all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication our drivers have shown over the last two years,” says Rene Beacom, President of Barr-Nunn.
“They have continued to operate safely, efficiently and professionally though the downturn in the economy. We are pleased to provide this pay raise so quickly after our recent two Owner Operator Pay increases and our Northeast Regional fleet pay increase as well.”
Over the road drivers with Barr-Nunn also earn a host of other benefits which include a 401k contribution of $0.01 per Practical mile starting from Day 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance, Appreciation Bonuses every 60,000 paid miles and “Band Pay,” which adds another $0.02 to $0.88 per mile to each trip.  

“We have done enough research to know that nobody in the industry pays as much as we do,” says Jeff Blank, Director of Recruiting. “When you consider our Practical mileage Pay, Band Pay, Appreciation Bonuses, 401k starting day 1 and the fastest pay raises you can earn totaling $0.015 in the first 120,000 paid miles alone nobody even comes close. In order to attract and retain the safest, best drivers in the industry you have to pay for them. This has always been our model.”

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Barr-Nunn Transportation, Inc. is regarded as one of the country’s best-managed truckload carriers. They have been the industry innovator in driver pay and benefits packages for years. Barr-Nunn has a reputation for respecting its drivers and working diligently to anticipate and meet their needs. For more information about Barr-Nunn Transportation visit them on line at