Barr-Nunn Receives Award from United Sugars

By: Barr-Nunn Transportation

Granger, IA  (August 21, 2009) -  Barr-Nunn Transportation, a leader in the industry, has been recognized for its excellence in providing an exceptional commitment in service and performance.


United Sugars Corporation has awarded Barr-Nunn their Achievement of Excellence award for 2009. This is the second year in a row that Barr-Nunn has been awarded this honor from United Sugars.
The United Sugars award was the result of the cohesive work of everyone in the company - every driver, every department, and every shift. Barr-Nunn is honored to add this distinction to its impressive history of customer satisfaction, further establishing the company as a high-value premium service provider. Rene Beacom, President of Barr-Nunn, had this to say: "It is a very tough and competitive environment and to win this award is a superior achievement for our organization."


Celebrating its 26th year, Barr-Nunn been the industry innovator in driver pay and benefits packages. The company has a reputation for respecting its drivers and working diligently to anticipate and meet their needs.


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