Des Moines, Iowa Paul Olson, Barr-Nunn Transportation, Nominated for Dispatcher of the Year Award

By: Barr-Nunn Transportation

Iowa Motor Truck Association recently nominated Paul Olson for the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s 2008 Dispatcher of the Year Award. The Iowa Motor Truck Association and the Iowa Council of Safety Management are the sponsors of this award program. The nominees for Dispatcher of the Year possess tremendous communication and leadership skills. The Iowa Motor Truck Association is honored to be able to recognize these dispatchers for their commitment to this position. Dispatchers provide a valuable and essential service to the trucking industry. The challenging job Paul Olson does everyday is greatly appreciated.


“The trucking industry recognizes the important role that the dispatcher plays in each company and this award program enables us to elevate this position and recognize the individuals who are committed to this important job,” said Brenda Neville, President, Iowa Motor Truck Association.


The dispatchers were nominated by company officials. After a thorough review, eight individuals were nominated for Dispatcher of the Year. These eight individuals possess the communication skills and leadership skills required to accomplish tasks expected of them. They are an important part of the trucking industry and the Iowa Motor Truck Association is grateful to have the opportunity to honor these individuals.


“Dispatchers are a vital component to keep a trucking company successful on the road. Their positive attitudes and communication skills used in every aspect of their job are appreciated by every company in the trucking industry”, said Mark Zieman, IMTA Chairman of the Board.


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