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There are over 200 trucking companies in Hawaii and the industry employs 3,620 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $50,970 ($24.50 hourly). The highest paying areas are the Honolulu with a Median Annual Salary of $42,600 and Hawaii-Maui-Kauai non-metropolitan area ($40,960).

The drivers of Hawaii say


  • Drivers are not required to have log books in Hawaii
  • You get to return home on most nights
  • Frequent construction means jobs driving dump trucks / mixers


  • Cost of living is extremely high
  • No consistency. You'll be hauling different things each day
  • Traffic around Honolulu is constant

Tips to New Drivers

  • Find a government or union job. Those pay very well and have full benefits.
  • Always wear sunblock or you're going to get burned
  • Hotel or government construction jobs are always available
Truck Driver-Sand
- C & J Energy Services - HI - C & J Energy Services - Hawaii - Company Driver Other

Job Title: Truck Driver-Sand   ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The "Truck Driver -- Sand" transports sand to various oil field well servicing, drilling or production lo...

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