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Driver Testimonials:

WOW!!! After trying many other sites, where application functions didn\'t work or other features were just too frustrating, I stumbled upon your site. I would like to comment on how easy it was to send out a mass application to multiple companies. After sending the application, within minutes (less than 5) my phone started ringing off the hook and my email box went crazy with responses from companies. My dilemma quickly changed from finding a new job to deciding which company would be the best fit for me (A positive dilemma to be in).

Thank you!!!
Brian McArdle
aka "Just Jersey"!


I love your site and I hope you keep up the Great work. It's so easy to apply to companies. I like how you filter the apps for us, because I don't want to apply some where, where I have no chance of getting hired! Thank you for the great site.

Thank You,
David Cox
aka "King Nuthing"


Thank you!

When I found CAD I thought it was just another site that would lead me no where. Well, I'm very happy to say, the day after filling out my application I had a job! I spent 4 months searching, online and off, and found nothing.

Again, thank you!

Janine Godbey


To Whom It May Concern-

There is no need to contact me-I am writing to say "hats off to all that are involved in this web site!!!"

I stumbled upon it accidentally a while back, and am on it everyday since. It has saved me soooo much headache and rejection by being able to check each hiring company before calling. I am able to sort through each company to determine who would hire me (lack of verifiable) and what company would work best for me (home time/rider program/pay). It is always up to date which has helped from feeling stupid on the phone also.

Case in thought: Called a company & gave all needed info, was to call back on a wed., but didn't because I felt their governed speed (along w/ a couple other factors-for me), was a road hazard/not safe or realistic. Spoke with them again a week later after searching your sight, seeing governed speed was increased. Called mostly for grin sake & it was true. They just increased it. :)

Then the message board....when things got rough and I was ready to give up, the jokes always made me laugh and feel like I should grab my mic and respond!! Almost like I was in the big chair!

I finally decided on a company, being unemployed for over a month, bills out the wazoo, I was able to narrow it down, because of you all. Although it\'s not the perfect choice, I decided it\'s also not a perfect world and the way I went about obtaining my CDL and pursuing my career has also been less then perfect (at least to the way the industry is today-insurance).

I would have gone crazy and given up if I hadn't stumbled upon you all. Thank you for all you've done & not even knowing it!

Keep up the good work!
Annette E. Falanga
aka: Jersey Jig


Dear ClassADrivers,

I just wanted to take a minute and say that this is a great site. I just had to fill out 1 app, 1 time. Starting the very next day, numerous companies (that fit my qualifications) began calling me. As a result, instead of having to dig into every company and their req\'s, I just sat back and let the phone ring while I was free to pick and choose who to work for. As a direct result of your site I am now employed with a company where I fit like a glove. Thanks for the great service...I just cant believe it's free!!

Dave Haldeman


Dear ClassADrivers,

This is by far the best site for a rookie such as myself to find a new career as a truck driver. Thanks for making it so easy!!

Tomm Lyons


Class A Drivers:

Your site is awesome. My husband and I use it to check out companies all the time. I usually visit a truck driver chat room, (on AOL) and if someone comes in and asks about companies and is interested in going OTR or switching companies, I pull up ClassADrivers.com and help the person out. I recommend your site to everyone I talk to who is into truck driving or is looking into it. I've helped so many people find a company because of recommending you or searching on your site and telling them what I came up with. Thank you so much for being out there.

Amanda Beckman
Cannon Express


Dear Sir(s),

Thank you for your services, I had posted my application last week and the response has been great! I have accepted a position with a company out of California, but only after receiving at least 15 offers. I know this might not be typical, but it is definitely what I needed!!! Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Robert L. Zachary
Fort Worth, TX


From: Tony Lancaster
To: classadrivers.com

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have emailed Petra Gabris , so I wait for her reply. I found your website very easy to use , everything that needs to be there is. Being in another Country I appreciate the fact that your email adress is on your home page , so many other websites I have had to search through many pages to find them. Your fast reply impressed me as I have had to wait for days for some other replies, if they reply at all. I wish you the best of luck with your venture.

Thanks again
PS If you think of any other companies that sponser immigrants I would appreciate hearing from you.


From: Randy & Colleen Eide
To: classadrivers.com

To Whom it may concern,I find your sight informative, helpful and much easier than most. A big thanks for calling me back. I Find this Exceptional. Because of you I may be back on the road again.



I found your website easy to use and very informative. If I get the responses I hope for I will be more than pleased.

Thank You
Robert Myers


Company Testimonials

"Where as many other advertising avenues require quite a bit of lead time, we saw immediate results after signing up with ClassADrivers.com. The driver leads and hires the site has produced remain consistent. I would definitely recommend ClassADrivers.com to any trucking company actively recruiting drivers and Owner Operators."

Spring Coombs
Public Relations Coordinator
Maverick Transportation, Inc.

"On behalf of Sharkey Transportation I would like to tell the CAD staff how impressed we have been with your wedsite. Your site is the complete recruiting tool. We have seen a great jump in the number of quality applications and hires in just the short time with CAD. Your site has gone above and beyond our expectations. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!"

Scott Streets
Sharkey Transportation Recruiting


CAD and OOJ have been a wonderful addition to Freymiller's advertising program. Our recruiting program has truly benefited from our relationship with Classadrivers.com & Owneroperatorjob.com The amount of usable applications that are generated from the CAD & OOJ sites are excellent.

Unlike other internet recruiting sites, CAD & OOJ filter our applications, to our specations. I don't receive 100+ application that I can not use. Other sites offer the shotgun effect of applications. I can't use 70% of the applications I received from the other sites.

I would highly recommend Jeff and Lucinda Phillips and their professional attitude.

Donna Creekmore
Recruiting Manager
Freymiller, Inc.


Dear Jeff and Lucinda,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the both of you. I started using Classadrivers.com about six months ago, since then I have changed companies and brought your services along with me. Your forward thinking and genuine customer service is unseen within our industry. Classadrivers.com provides enough hires each month that you have become our sole internet recruiting provider. I am definitely looking forward to our long business relationship, and eagerly awaiting your next advancement to better provide us with quality driver applications.

Best regards,
Brian Lewis
Knight Transportation Midwest Inc.



I wanted to congratulate you on a great host web site. We have utilized your services for approximately one year, and are very happy with the results. You have a tremendous filtering process on the applications that we receive from you. We are recruiting approximately 20% of all of our new hires off of host web sites and Class A Drivers.com is a large contributor of this. When the phones are not ringing, I know that I can count on Class A Drivers.com for leads.

Drivers that I have recruited have praised your site on its clear, concise, and easy process to submit applications. I also wanted to thank you for being a great contact person at Class A Drivers.com. You are eager to help out when we have concerns and are genuinely interested in the success of your business and West Side Transport.

You were referred to me originally and I in return have recommended your services to others.

Keep up the great work,
Tony Roe
West Side Transport.


Jeff and Lucinda:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts and the leads from Class A Drivers.com. Since we first started working with your service well over one year ago, I have seen a steady growth in lead volume and quality applications while you have still maintained the top notch customer service that I have come to expect. In my measurement of cost per lead, Class A Drivers has consistently been at the top of the list. The best part is that many of these leads have turned into hires for us.

Keep up the great work! Thanks again!

Randy H. Scheel
Director, Driver Development
CRST Van Expedited
319-390-2817 work
319-390-2830 fax


Hi Jeff and Lucinda,

Just wanted to say THANKS for the terrific job you have been doing. Teaming up with Class A Drivers has been a good move for us here at Millis. When, and is with all new ventures, we start a partnership there are always question marks looming as the the success we may have and the cooperation we will get with our new partners. This was one of those situations that from the beginning we felt very comfortable with after speaking with both of you. And to this day it has been very rewarding for Millis Transfer as the service has been top notch with professionalism galore. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Michael D Millis



I want to thank you for all of the great applicatons you have been referring to me. You have been very helpful in locating individuals that are in my area with good skills.

Sandy Wilkinson
Sunset Pacific Transportation


Dear Class A Drivers .com,

This is to let you know how happy I am with the service you are providing. ClassADrivers.com is the BEST online driver application service we use here at Fox Midwest. I personally like that you keep track of the direct click throughs to our website, this makes my job a lot easier and saves valuable time. No recycled applications is another PLUS, every one of the applications we receive from your site is indeed a NEW application. The service you offer is unsurpassed and has what most others lack - You take the time to call and check on your product, establish a relationship, not just to sell something else. This means a lot in todays busy office world and is greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks,
Petra Gabris
Transit Group
Transport/Recruiting Manager


Dear Class A Drivers .com,

Swift Transportation would like to thank Class A Drivers .com for all of their efforts in making our presence on their website a mutually beneficial partnership. We are chasing 18,000 plus hires this year as a company, and feel that with the added support of Internet Recruiting we will be able to reach that goal. The people at Class A Drivers .com have been very attentive to our needs and extremely interested in helping us reach our hiring goals. The volume and quality of applicants applying with us thru Class A Drivers .com reivals websites that charge triple the amount.

Ken Smith
Recruiting Director
Swift Transportation Co.



Jeff and Lucinda Phillips:

This letter is to express Heartland Express' appreciation for your application service. We have received numerous driver leads with a minimum of duplicates or unworkable applications.

Few website companies in this arena of the trucking industry are able to provide fresh leads in a timely manner so well as you. On behalf of all of us in the Recruiting and Advertising departments, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. I would be happy to recommend your services to any trucking company serious about using the internet to recruit tractor-trailer drivers. We wish you continued success.

Michael Koogler
Internet Recruiter
Heartland Express


Dear Class A Drivers .com,

Classadrivers.com has been a bright spot to our recruiting department here at Dart. We receive several quality applications per day from our advertisement on classadrivers.com. By giving a driver the opportunity to fill out an application 24 hours a day, classadrivers' site is truly designed to match a driver's lifestyle. Contractors do not always have the ability to call a recruiting department between 8 and 5. With the classadrivers.com site, they can look at a company's features and benefits when it is convenient to their schedule. Classadrivers' staff has been great to work with too. They help with layout, wording, and a personal touch of contacting us when they have a question about what our company has to offer and then relay that information to drivers when needed. We at Dart see Classadrivers.com growing and becoming a force in the Internet advertising industry.

Chris Peplinski
Fleet Services Coordinator
Dart Transit Company



I wanted to let you know how pleased CRST has been so far with your service in just the first 2 months of our working relationship! We have been averaging well over 30 qualified applications each week from ClassADrivers.com. I also appreciate the statistics you have been supplying to help validate my numbers. I recently referred your service to another recruiting manager and will be happy to do this in the future as your company grows and we see this service continue.

Thank you!
Randy H. Scheel
Director, Driver Development
CRST Van Expedited
319-390-2817 work
319-390-2830 fax



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