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    Default Maverick CDL Training

    Can anyone give me the deal on Mavericks CDL training program. I don't have a CDL right now and will need CDL School. Info on cost and contracts and any out of pocket expenses is what Im looking for. I have recently been considering Schneider because of their training program(all expenses paid) I saw somewhere that Maverick offers CDL training and need info. (I e-mailed them but they hav'nt responded)

    Thanks for any info,


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    Maverick Driver Recruiting: 800-289-1100
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    Danny, Maverick does offer a CDL school. Their contract is for six months compared to 12-18 months from some of the other companies. It also only costs you $2500 to break that contract with Maverick compared to double that amount at most places. Please understand that I am only sharing what I remember being told...always, always contact recruiting for accurate and up to date information.

    Be prepared to be put on a waiting list though. When I asked about the training program, there was a 10-12 week waiting period for their CDL schooling. I chose to go to school on my own, which eliminated the wait time for me. Here's the kicker, I went to the same school that Maverick sends their students. The bottle-neck is not at the school, it's that Maverick only wants to send a set number through each week (6 people per week, I think).

    Anyway, the school is ASU/Newport, located in Newport, Arkansas. I think Maverick furnishes housing and everything but food. You will incur some licensing fees (app. $100 total). So out of pocket while at school will be $100 plus food for 3 weeks.

    Once you have finished the schooling, you will go back to L.R. and go through orientation and then either on a truck with a trainer or out to the "barn" for flatbed securement training. They want you to have a week of securement training...but it's all paid. The pay is $100/day currently, but you should also verify this with recruiting.

    Recently they have had a huge bottle neck created by not having enough trainers. From what we were told, I guess several were on vacation at once or something. The group I'm in slipped right through though. We all go out with a trainer next week. Tomorrow should be my last day in L.R., then I'm supposed to meet up with my trainer about 2 hours from my house. I'll get to be home on the weekends!

    Good luck and feel welcome to pm me anytime if you have any questions.


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